Lithium is some heavy shit

I haven’t had blood work since I was in the hospital over three months ago. And it came to my attention last week how, umm, concerning that actually is. I’m on lithium, and I can go on about how I fucking LOVE that shit because I feel SO much less CRAZY than I have forContinue reading “Lithium is some heavy shit”

Managing my mental health

I had a random thought pop into my had and I was thinking about it. And I know there are countless ways to dive into this topic and that there’s so much under the umbrella of mental health management because mental health is made up of so many different things. But I think, for me,Continue reading “Managing my mental health”

A love letter to my lithium:

Dear Lithium: If I’m remembering correctly, people used you to stabilize their moods before they even realized you were the gold standard for doing so. Something to do with lithium mineral springs being used as treatment for “melancholia” by ancient Greeks/Romans. That’s pretty badass. I know I was worried about you at first (the wordContinue reading “A love letter to my lithium:”

Standing in my own way (?)

She wanted me to know that she wasn’t frustrated with me, that lots of people who see her have some type of roadblock (usually maladaptive behaviors, or repeatedly putting themselves in bad situations) that stop them from being the best version of themselves or the most mentally stable they can be.  But like, she explainedContinue reading “Standing in my own way (?)”