good morning, I guess

four in the morning.too early, close your eyes again,wait. wait some more.four fifteen, close your eyes again,close them, keep them closed,fuck.eyes open, feet on the floor, hoodie pulled tight,good morning, I guess.grab phone, scroll apps,switch, scroll,switch, scroll,boredom,close apps, shut phone.change clothes in the dark.wash face.grab laptop, charger, book,and need to shop, greet theContinue reading “good morning, I guess”

Romanticize the shit out of your life, honestly

Morning Affirmations

The sky woke up with a dull, gray covering this morning. And although I usually prefer when dawn chases the night away, forcing it to retreat while purples become pinks become oranges, I’m trying to view this rainy, stormy day as a potential adventure. The heavens are open, life-giving water is pouring into the earth,Continue reading “Morning Affirmations”