Sometimes it’s necessary

Ripped apart, undone, torn at the seams. The pieces of yourself untethered from each other, no longer bound as one. They float from your grasp. The last bit of mental strength is the only bandaid you have at your disposal. If only you possessed the energy to stick it on before it’s all too farContinue reading “Sometimes it’s necessary”


Growing up, it never occurred to me that I was a pessimist.  I mean, on the outside it was all rainbows and sparkles and sunshiney happiness, and I always assumed that my insides matched what I presented outwardly.  After all, I got up each morning and told myself the day would be a good one.Continue reading “Negative”

I was MIA after a major episode about a month ago, but I’m back at it, yay!

It was as intense and as terrible as ever…but it passed and I’m still here. I used the time right after things calmed down to really think about how to better deal with it all next time (because as of right now, I’m still anxious about the very-real probably-inevitable next time).  I make myself aContinue reading “I was MIA after a major episode about a month ago, but I’m back at it, yay!”

“Isn’t it inevitable?” I cried out for the billionth time that day, or maybe it was night, I wasn’t sure because the two were blending together, bleeding into one another in a mess of insomnia and pain and fits of tormented anguish that seemed to never end. “It’s going to happen eventually.  I have noContinue reading