I’ve been more productive lately and I’m loving it. It makes me feel better about myself.

That’s such a sign of internalized capitalism, thinking how much I get done is tied to my worthiness. And if you’ve been following along with my journey this week, you might recall me feeling like I’m not worthy of existing and not being in pain. Yeah, fucked up, huh.

But that aside, I’m happy that I’m going to bed feeling fulfilled and like I’ve done my best.

I went to the bookstore today. I got a bunch of kids books to give to the kids in my life with birthdays coming up. Treated myself to a coffee and an adorably inspirational Disney book (for children).

I have a bunch of books like that. Cute and inspiring and nice to pick up when you’re in a funk.

Oh and I also bout an issue of ADDitude magazine. Love learning about what’s wrong with my brain lol.

Speaking of what’s wrong with me:

  • I’ve been learning more and more about rheumatoid arthritis this week, and it does make me feel more empowered. There’s a lot of info and I’m kind of overwhelmed, but it’s a process. Took me long enough to learn about bipolar and I’d had the diagnosis a lot longer than I’ve had the RA one.
  • I still think I’m fighting my brain in terms of a mood episode. But I slept last night for longer than I’ve been able to in a while, so I feel better. I feel like it’s one of those times where I just have to tell myself “I’m still bipolar even though it’s so much better than it was for 14 years of my life, so I’m still gonna have fluctuations.”
  • On the other hand, though, is that normal? I’ll have to discuss it with my psychiatrist. Idk like, maybe this isn’t normal and my perception is just skewed. Or maybe my shitty self-esteem is affecting it.
  • It’s hard for me to admit that I have low self-esteem. I mean in a lot of ways I’m super confident and sure of myself and proud of myself. But I’m also not. It’s a tricky dichotomy. And I think it’s fine to be confused about it.

I’ve been thinking more about job stuff, too. And I don’t feel like elaborating too much on it, but I’ve come to terms with some things and I think that’s gonna be helpful for me.


Acknowledge where you are —the journey is where you find appreciation for the destination.

Eternal Sunshine

Something is definitely happening

For starters, I hven’t slept in three days. I mean, an hour here and an hour there, yeah. But I’m exhausted but can’t remain asleep for longer than that. It’s infuriating. I’ve been sleeping irregularly for longer than three days, maybe like three weeks total, but it’s so bad lately.

(It’s a bipolar thing)

I also can’t get to a good temperature. Like, I cannot get comfortable. I’m too hot, I take off my sweatshirt. I’m suddenly freezing. Put the layers back on. Uncomfortably hot. Lower the heat, raise the heat, try different combinations of heat temp and layers of clothing. I can’t get to a normal fucking temperature.

(Probably also a bipolar thing –I just looked up a bunch of stuff about circadian rhythms -which are fucked in bipolars- and temperature regulation, and it’s all related)

Long story short, I’m pretty sure I’m heading into some sort of episode, probably mixed because I have these flashes of wild and chaotic energy where I flirt with my boyfriend and ask him a million random questions and gesticulate crazily and have all this energy I feel the burning desire to release from my body. And then I’ll crash. Andrew even said, without glancing in my direction yesterday, “have you crashed yet?” and like, I love him for knowing me so well and understanding the bipolarness of my brain so well. But I rely on him to help me guage the severity of this bullshit and to help me see things realistically…and if HE knows something is up, it’s not a good sign.

I’m moody. It’s manageable, but it’s annoyinggggggg. I’m more irritable than I’ve been in a long time, and again, it’s manageable, but jfc like, I’d rather just NOT, ya know?

I’ve been fine for a year, and I know I shouldn’t complain. And I’m gonna be honest, I feel like I absolutely don’t deserve to complain. Especially because I’m not fucking working, so what’s the difference anyway. But it’s still shitty. It’s not fun feeling exhausted and unable to do anything about it. And I’m fairly certain not letting someone sleep is certified torture, so that’s fun.

I’m pretty sure I have a psychiatrist appointment next week, which is good. But I doubt she’ll be helpful. And tbh I’m terrified she’s gonna take my adhd meds away without giving me another solution for my adhd. Yeah, stimulants can cause mania, but I STILL HAVE ADHD like if I can’t focus it impacts my mood and makes me sadder and more anxious than I have to be. But like, people don’t take adhd seriously, but it’s often just as bad as any other of my mental illnesses.

I guess I’ll wait and see how the rest of this week goes. I see my nephew this weekend which is GREAT for my mental health!! Although bad for my arthritis lmao. BUt I’ll suffer the aches and pains for that boy any day any time anywhere, I just love him so much.

I’m gonna keep taking Motrin bc with its anti-inflammatory and pain killing magic, I might as well. FUCK the belief that I deserve to suffer. How does that help me? How does that help ANYbody? (and doesn’t my pointless and ever-present guilt stem from me wanting to be a better person than I am??? no really, I’m asking, I have no real clue)

Yeah. I’ll get this updated once I figure that out Lol

Oh hey, RA

Story time, some info I’ve learned, and a glimpsed into the annoying gray blob that is my brain

It was the start of June 2020. The summer’s refreshing, radiating warmth had already started to govern how my days went, prompting me to spend more time reading on the porch stoop, getting that Vitamin D from the glorious sunshine, swimming in my parents’ pool, and going on walks through my neighborhood while I facetimed my cousin (7 states away) while she walked around her neighborhood.

Things were good. Sort of. Well, I mean…some things were good.

By then, everyone knew that the year was going to be a shitshow in its entirety, and we all knew that we were barely halfway through the damn thing, but I personally found it hard to not enjoy the longer days and sunny skies. Not to mention my newly-acquired sanity.

Yeah, so I’d been hospitalized in a psychiatric facility in February (literally right before the pandemic swept across the entire planet). I was finally put on lithium (and a cocktail of other brightly colors pills) and thus the bipolar disorder that had ravaged my life since I was like fourteen years old was finally able to get under control.

It was huge. I mean, there are no words big enough to capture that tremendousness of NOT LOSING YOUR MIND four times a year for fourteen years in a row.

In my opinion, I was (and am) appropriately grateful. And as I typed those words just now, I’m realizing the flaws in my logic —the ones that are telling me if only I’d been more grateful for that one particular good thing in my life, I wouldn’t have been fucked with another bad thing. Now, there’s a lot to unpack there, but for some context, I have a gratitude journal app, and I journal about good things constantly, I’ve even posted lengthy lists of things I’m grateful for on this blog. [I am literally still rationalizing this, my god, I am so messed up in the head lol]

Anyway, my point is that around my birthday mid-June, it became clear to me that something was wrong with my body. I couldn’t move normally. It was exhausting to cross my legs and bend down. It was weird, and it came out of nowhere.

I also finally cut the eating disordered bullshit (for the billionth time) on my birthday by enjoying a wonderfully delicious piece of chocolate cake.

That all being said, moving was even more difficult in July and utterly terribly painful by August.

I found a doctor with difficulty (due to the pandemic, my shitty insurance, my reluctance to talk to people on the phone, and other reasons you’ll discover if you keep reading my nonsense here). And the long and arduous process of figuring out what in the hell was wrong with me began.

Lots of bloodwork. Lots of tests. Scans. Then finally I went to a rhematologist (more bloodwork more tests). And by NOVEMBER (ugh) I was told I have rheuamtoid arthritis.

It’s an autoimmune disorder, meaning my immune system sees healthy cells and is just like “WOW oh BOY let’s just fuck that shit up for no reason and ruin Laura’s joints, cause inflammation and swelling, and just overall ruin normal things like hooking her own bra and getting out of bed.”

Sarcasm aside, there’s actually so much for me to learn about that process and what chaos is going on in my body. Like, I know when they initially figured out that I have RA, they tested for Rheumatoid Factor (proteins produced by the immune system). I got the bloodwork and read through it before I talked to the doctor, but it said <100 RF for me (which is no good, no good at all lol) and that explains why I was sore, stiff, exhausted, achy, all of the above. RF attack healthy cells as opposed to viruses or bacteria.

RA is a progressive disease, and you can’t cure it. So I basically have to stay on top of dealing with it in order to make sure my joints don’t get damaged, ’cause once they do, there’s no reversing it.

It’s not like osteoarthritis that’s gradual after the mechanical wear and tear on the cushions in your joints. Apparently RA attacks the lining in the joints, not cartilage. Osteoarthritis is more common, too.

Another fun fact is that rhematoid arthritis affects my skin. I have a scabs on my knuckles and knees that I don’t foresee going away. The doctor said she can give me a steroid cream for it, but tbh why bother?

—Okay it’s time now to explain that after prompting from my therapist, and my staring at her confused, I realized that I’m slow to seek out help for my ailments because I’m terrified that there’s simply no help available and no solutions to be found…and worse, as she correctly guessed, I’m afraid I don’t deserve help.

Because like, I definitely did fuck my body by not eating. I lose a lot of weight super quick and in retrospect, after learning that RA can be triggered by your body going through traumatic shit (surgery, labor, satrving yourself into oblivion for a few months)…it’s obviously my fault.

To play devil’s advocate with myself, I was all anorexic-y because I was disgustingly depressed, and that was becauase my bipolar wasn’t properly controlled, which again, technically wasn’t my fault.

But either way, I have lots of work to do in terms of processing THAT mess of thoughts. hkjhggffdyds help

Anyway. I’m taking a drug called hydroxychloroquine (which is SUCH a bitch to say lol). It’s a DMARD, and yes, you are correct, that does stand for “disease modifying antirheumatic drug.” They don’t really know why it works on inflammation, but they think it might interfere with communication of cells in the immune system. I’ve been on that for about three months. Which, I’m told, is about how long it takes to start working.

And it was working.

And then I washed my kitchen floor and I’ve been limping around since then. Like????? No????? I should be able to move like a normal human???

I did my research (I did not think to look shit up of my own accord, guess who urged me to do so). There ae other drugs that might work. A chemo drug that’s given to RA patients at a tiny dose, or this type of drug call a biologic, or something? They’re like genetically modified drugs or something. [I’m not an expert obv, I’m just googling and making sense in my own head and smashing my keyboard to get all the info here, so, FYI]

I called my doctor and was told to take Motrin for now, and (shocking) that is helping.

But that’s enough word vomit for today, thanks for looking at my wordssssss ❤

It’s the end of the month so I’m doing a sort of “mood roundup”

Looking at my apps and reading through journals from the last month and looking at pictures I took. Trying to get a full idea of what my moods were like, what symptoms of what mental illnesses I had, how I dealt with it all. Reviewing goals and plans. Thinking about February.

First: I use an app called Daylio to track how my mood changes throughout the day and how it looks graphed overall over time. I pay for it because my bipolar ass relies on this thing haha, but there’s a free version that’s just as cool. It’s an awesome app because of all the different ways it shows the data you input. And the fact that you can change the colors and icons and personalize it is cool. But now it has a feature now that lets you add a photo to your mood log, and its really fueling my addiction to selfies haha. I’m all about the confidence that comes with taking a picture of your own beautiful face, and I think it’ll be super fun to look back on all the pictures whenever I’m going through my moods in the future.

I also use eMoods, which is specifically for bipolar. I track my meds and sleep on there, along with the specific bipolar symptoms (depressed mood, elevated mood, irritability, and anxiety) and I pay for that one too which allows me to also track other things like my focus.

My journals obviously tell me how my moods were over the course of the month, too. So putting all this together aaaandddd I can see that January wasn’t great but it didn’t totally suck, either. I think the major reason for this is my lack of distractions or things to do in general. But that doesn’t seem like it’s changing any time soon.

I figured out that it’s not that I’m not motivated –because for a long time I was just like “well I’m a piece of shit who can’t succeed in life and can’t make anything happen so I should just sit here hating myself.” Not the best attitude. But I am motivated, I’ve just got nowhere to PUT the motivation. There’s nothing specific to focus on in terms of motivation and success. There’s nothing important to be done.

I can’t continue talking about all that shit without explaining my ongoing existential crisis, though. I am continually bombarded with thoughts like WHY ARE WE HERE and WHAT IS THE PURPOSE FOR ALL THIS and DOES ANYTHING MATTER ANYWAY.

I’m obviously not the first person to think of shit like that. Philosophy is a thing, and has been for a while (and furthermore, it’s something I really enjoy reading about and thinking about).

It’s just…the thoughts are plaguing me.

My therapist was like “it’s the little things that matter” and in her infinite wisdom, she’s absolutely correct. But scroll back on this page, you’ll see I have plenty of lists of the little things in life that matter to me. I think I’m thinking of it all wrong.

I did make a list after she said that, though…because I listen to her so well 🙂 ❤

I collect quotes, too (again, scroll back a few posts and you’ll probably find some of the ones I found recently). And I try to sit there and find meaning in those words that seemed so profound to me. But it’s hard, man.

Like, seriously. What makes me happy? I know things make me happy. I AM happy.

Which is huge, by the way, because this time last year I was heading to crazyville on a speeding train and it landed me in a psych hospital and it was super intense. It was absolutely necessary. And I’m incredibly thankful that happened. I’m just trying to say that I know depression rather intimately and I’m NOT depressed. I’m just a little mushy.

It’s fine. I think this lukewarm kind of emotion is just different because even having been relatively sane for a year…I’m still used to huge and reactive emotions that can’t be contained in my little body.

Even with all the meds, I’m still bipolar. It’s just me, and I’m cool with it (now that I’m not straight-up suffering every day lol), and if this is what I have to deal with, I’m fine with it.

That all being said, it’s probably the boredom and lack of direction making things feel extra anxious and yucky. I’m sure I’ll feel better when I start finding more to do.

Was this even a mood roundup? I’m not sure I actually accomplished the summary I wanted to accomplish, but it was actually kinda cathartic, so yay for that?

Some THOUGHTS for today 1.21.21

✨ I thought I bought the no sugar added yogurt but I didn’t. And it’s not a big deal because I’ve had it three mornings in a row and I’m still alive & all. But it annoys me. Hashtag eating disorder problems.

✨ my mom asked me to help her take my grandpa to his Covid vaccine tonight and I had a meeting schedule so I messaged the person I’m supposed to meet with but she’s three hours behind my time and I’m anxious waiting for her and I mean it’ll be fine either way but ugh

✨ I wanna do something fun today I wanna do something meaningful today I wanna find my purpose today I wanna do something worthwhile today

✨ boredom is killer, but I should be thankful for it— there are worse things than nothing to do

✨ I need to move my body today. To “get my wiggles out” as my therapist says. But there’s nowhere to goooooo.

✨ it’s partly cloudy. I hope the sun comes out

quote collecting + reflecting

i went through the drivethrough at starbucks this morning and got something more expensive than i thought. and it turned out the person in front of me paid for my order. the person behind me got something cheap, so i paid for the person behind them as well, to make it even. it was an oddly weird situation, but i guess it’s a good thing. paying it forward, ya know.

also, i’ve been making collages on canva, taking pics from pinterest and grouping them together in ways i think are pretty. i try to make them *aesthetic* if you wanna call it that haha. and then i upload them to notion, where i’ve been journaling.

i words and quotes and writing them down and having them there and keeping them safe. i think the bio of my instagram includes a self-descriptor of “quote-collector.” what a title, i know. lol but i think where i’m going with this is i’m gonna write down some wordssss i’ve collected recently:

  • every color is influenced by the colors around him; in paintings + in the real world
  • be the reason someone feels welcome, seen, and loved
  • we are all literally made of stars✧✧
  • make your heart the most beautiful thing about you –but remember it’s okay to set boundaries
  • there’s nothing more powerful than proving to yourself just how strong you are
  • how fucking cool is it that everyone is just…who they are. unique + proud of ourselves, it’s wonderful
  • everything is more beautiful because nothing is permanent
  • words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality (edgar allan poe)

and now, unrelated, some reflections:

  • boredom is a killer. that’s nothing new, of course, but i have to get more creative to combat it, and i have to have more oomph when it comes to just startinggg.
  • candles make me happy. it’s the little things.
  • my brain was weirldy quiet today, and it’s almost distracting, but i guess it’s not a bad thing to have some peaceful moments of just…stillness

I journal obsessively, whenever I can, wherever I can

I basically like, HAVE to. I have to get the words out, the thoughts out, the feelings out in a way that makes some semblance of sense. And the thing is that it’s usually always all confusing and messy, so I have to MAKE it make sense. Straight-up forging meaning out of nothing. Well, not nothing. But like, out of chaos.

Anyway. I have physical notebooks (tons of them). I always have. But I also journal digitally. I guess it started when I got my first iPad. I have journals upon journals in goodnotes (that are now all uploaded to my phone). I went through a microsoft onenote phase, so I have all those journals too. And then I just have years worth of entries from the notes app on my phone. I love having every thought I’ve ever had with me at all times on my fuckin phone, it’s the coolest thing to me. Oh, and then there’s google docs for like essays and bigger entries.

I’m currently using notion. I feel like every youtuber I watch is big into notion these days. I don’t know if I was using it before it exploded in the realm of influencers, but either way, it’s cool seeing videos on it specifically, because I like seeing people customizing it.

But like…that’s not the point of this blogpost, actually. It’s related, I guess. Because I think using different mediums to journal promotes creativity. And this notion site is allowing me to really lean into the creativity thing.

My point, though, is that I’ve had a lot of thoughtssssss lately, and it’s overwhelming. Maybe it’s just that LIFE is overwhelming (it objectively is, like, you can’t argue with that fact, tbh). But it’s more than that. I keep facing philosophical dilemmas and being plagued by existential crises. It is nonnnnnstop.

Like why are we here. What is the purpose of all this? Is my life meaningful? I’d say all life is meaningful by default, but that’s not what I mean when I ask that question, really.

I keep track of these random tremendous thoughts and questions and predicaments somewhere on one of my journaling apps (or in a paper notebook, obv). But now even that’s not enough. What good does it do for me to explore these deep fucking ideas if the ideas just rot in a journal app on my phone.

I don’t know where I’m going with this lol. I also don’t know where I’m going in life, but I’m actually less concerned with the latter because it’s just too big an issue to focus on. Like I said earlier. Overwhelming.

Probably not healthy to ignore that looming question of WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE. But maybe if I find the meaning of existence, life will give me a free pass in the career department. Who knows.


𝙖𝙣𝙜𝙨𝙩𝙮 𝙖𝙨𝙛, 𝙗𝙪𝙩 𝙨𝙚𝙡𝙛𝙞𝙚𝙨 𝙛𝙤𝙧𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙧 𝙗𝙤𝙤𝙨𝙩 𝙢𝙮 𝙘𝙤𝙣𝙛𝙞𝙙𝙚𝙣𝙘𝙚 ✨🖤🥀

I don’t know if I’m in a bad mood or not. I feel shitty. Mopey. But not depressed. The super fucking confusing to me. And upsetting. But it’s manageable. But it’s annoying and I don’t like it. But it isn’t paralyzing me. Why is existing still something I have to feel guilty about? I’m confused. This period of my life is just uncertainty. Now that the other chaos has subsided, the uncertainty I’ve always been plagued with can be front and fucking center. It’s fine. I’m just off and blah and yucky. I can’t focus, either. Which doesn’t fucking help. But anyway.

*… 𝙄 𝙙𝙤𝙣𝙩 𝙙𝙤 𝙖𝙣𝙮𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙢𝙖𝙩𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙨 + 𝙄 𝙙𝙤𝙣𝙩 𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙣 𝙠𝙣𝙤𝙬 𝙞𝙛 𝙄 𝙬𝙖𝙣𝙩 𝙩𝙤 …*

hit the brain jackpot, that’s for sure

I was thinking, and I’ve decided that morning routines aren’t easily attainable for people with adhd (like me) who struggle with jumping from one task to another. BUT. they’re super necessary for people with bipolar disorder (like me again!) who have a messed up circadian rhythm and could benefit from structure and routine to counteract the chaos they live with internally. but like


My morning routine consists of doing different tasks in succession, as routines do, and I’ve been toying with it since I was in the hospital in February, right before quarantine started.

Maybe I’m just lacking other structures in my life, but it is frustrating, I think.