Evolve I love words and decorating my life with them.  I have signs throughout my bedroom and living room with words like dream and smile.  I fill my planner with stickers that say things like be unique.  Even my body is marked with words that are important to me; an outward expression of who IContinue reading

Bipolar Progression: A Retelling of My Moods

I dunno what to call this thing. That isn’t my favorite name up there, but whatever haha, you’ll get the point. It’s about how it all progressed, so I guess the name, although boring, works. I didn’t really title it to begin with, so whatever. This is the first real WRITING that I showed myContinue reading “Bipolar Progression: A Retelling of My Moods”

Morning Musings | welcome to my stream of consciousness

The sky is clear above the window I’m looking out of right now. It’s a pale blue. There are maybe one or two puffy, innocent-looking clouds scattered around, but I’m pretty sure the forecast is for sunshine all day. Thank goodness. I love days like this. I mean, it’s freezing, but it’s bright. So IContinue reading “Morning Musings | welcome to my stream of consciousness”

What makes me MAD (and why I strive to be an “Emotional Robin Hood”)

I’ve been planning this post since yesterday morning, since I was sitting in my therapist’s office talking about work and getting angry and then talking about whatever other stuff and getting angry.  My therapist pointed out what types of things seemed to be making me feel that way, that fiercely passionate way.  We talked aboutContinue reading “What makes me MAD (and why I strive to be an “Emotional Robin Hood”)”

Sunny Sunday! Relaxing at Starbucks before work.

So I didn’t post quite as many things as I planned on posting yesterday, but ya know, there’ll be plenty of time to get all my writings out there. And that’s an exciting thought! I wound up taking a nap yesterday, which was much-needed. I’m always tired. But lately I haven’t been sleeping well atContinue reading “Sunny Sunday! Relaxing at Starbucks before work.”

Starting at the beginning, I guess?

My first major mental health thing (aside from feeling vaguely “off” and emotionally “different” at the age of ten or eleven) was the eating disorder I developed in high school. That disorder was a tremendously strong force in my life for like, a reaaaallly long time. It was my disappearing act, resulting from crippling depression andContinue reading “Starting at the beginning, I guess?”

Snowy Saturdays mean coffee and writing (especially when I’m off from work)

Good morning, internet! I slept late today (which for me is until like 7:30) and woke up to snow. It’s a gray day, which makes the snow seem far less pretty and exciting. I mean, I don’t loveeee snow to begin with; I hate being cold, I have no tolerance for it. But when itContinue reading “Snowy Saturdays mean coffee and writing (especially when I’m off from work)”