hit the brain jackpot, that’s for sure

I was thinking, and I’ve decided that morning routines aren’t easily attainable for people with adhd (like me) who struggle with jumping from one task to another. BUT. they’re super necessary for people with bipolar disorder (like me again!) who have a messed up circadian rhythm and could benefit from structure and routine to counteract the chaos theyContinue reading “hit the brain jackpot, that’s for sure”

A bad experience? Or a fun story to tell?

I went to the beach to take a picture with my orb because I’m turly enjoying being artsy with this thing. I had been itching to get out of the house, as always, and I didn’t know where to go, as always, and I was uncertain that I’d actually wind up at the beach untilContinue reading “A bad experience? Or a fun story to tell?”

medicated, still bipolar, what now

I’m having a hard time focusing. I’m anxious and stressed out over it. Feeling yucky. Off. Like somethings wrong but I can’t figure out what. The result is irritability and frustration. It’s overall just a dull version of what I’ve been feeling for the better half of my life (bipolar depression). But I have toContinue reading “medicated, still bipolar, what now”

My brain has not been cooperating with me lately

I mean, I’m making it work ✨ I just can’t focus, though. And it affects my mood which is super fucking annoying. I don’t know if I said but due to utter stupidity I didn’t have my antipsychotic for a while and I’m preeeettty sure that’s still affecting me. Ugh. But I’m surviving. I’ve beenContinue reading “My brain has not been cooperating with me lately”

Resolutions: Why I’m on the Fence

We’re going to be hearing quite a lot about New Year’s resolutions in the coming weeks, and I’m personally preparing for it to stress me out and potentially impact my mental health. I have no problem with resolutions in general. There’s nothing wrong with, and there’s even value in, looking ahead to the future andContinue reading “Resolutions: Why I’m on the Fence”

Emotional Alchemy…?

Today wasn’t a bad day. It just wasn’t good. I barely slept last night and I was anxious and there was nothing to do. The elements of a good day just weren’t there. As I sat at my kitchen table at 4:45 this morning (after I gave up trying to sleep and went ahead andContinue reading “Emotional Alchemy…?”

revisiting & reflecting

In March 2019, which feels like yesterday but also a billion years ago, I wrote about how I often found myself getting mad when unfair shit happened, or when people were just cruel (as people so often –too often—are). It was something that a therapy session made me delve deeper into, and I clearly rememberContinue reading “revisiting & reflecting”

What makes me MAD (and why I strive to be an “Emotional Robin Hood”)

Originally posted on lose your mind with me:
I’ve been planning this post since yesterday morning, since I was sitting in my therapist’s office talking about work and getting angry and then talking about whatever other stuff and getting angry.? My therapist pointed out what types of things seemed to be making me feel that…

*existential crisis intensifies*

I’ve been anxious lately. I’d say “panicky,” but I don’t think that’s the exact right word. I haven’t been having panic attacks (and I don’t particularly care for when people claim they’re having them when they aren’t); I’ve just been in an internal state of messiness. I feel stupid, pathetic, unproductive, like I don’t matter.Continue reading “*existential crisis intensifies*”