So to review what I’ve learned about rheumatoid arthritis this week:

There’s some shit I can do and take that will help:

Drinking lots of water

Collagen —good for joints – I’ve been putting the unflavored kind in my water bottles and the coconut flavored one in my coffee or yogurt

Turmeric —good bc it’s anti-inflammatory – I’ve been taking the liquid kind

Chia seeds & Flax seeds — another thing I mix in my yogurt lol

Raw green vegetables

Omega-3 fatty acids

Actually taking Motrin when I’m in pain instead of tough ig it out because “I don’t wanna put even more meds in me” or because “I don’t deserve to feel better” (???) which will prevent joint damage

Gently trying to stretch to keep mobility (but not pushing myself when it really hurts bc that could make things worse) – I have to learn when to do which

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