Some THOUGHTS for today 1.21.21

✨ I thought I bought the no sugar added yogurt but I didn’t. And it’s not a big deal because I’ve had it three mornings in a row and I’m still alive & all. But it annoys me. Hashtag eating disorder problems.

✨ my mom asked me to help her take my grandpa to his Covid vaccine tonight and I had a meeting schedule so I messaged the person I’m supposed to meet with but she’s three hours behind my time and I’m anxious waiting for her and I mean it’ll be fine either way but ugh

✨ I wanna do something fun today I wanna do something meaningful today I wanna find my purpose today I wanna do something worthwhile today

✨ boredom is killer, but I should be thankful for it— there are worse things than nothing to do

✨ I need to move my body today. To “get my wiggles out” as my therapist says. But there’s nowhere to goooooo.

✨ it’s partly cloudy. I hope the sun comes out

Published by ittakesrain

|| It takes rain to make a rainbow!

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