My brain has not been cooperating with me lately

I mean, I’m making it work ✨

I just can’t focus, though. And it affects my mood which is super fucking annoying.

My sister got me this orb thing lol and it’s for photography but I just find it so cool

I don’t know if I said but due to utter stupidity I didn’t have my antipsychotic for a while and I’m preeeettty sure that’s still affecting me.

Ugh. But I’m surviving.

I’ve been journaling a lot. Doing a whole bunch of self-reflection and figuring stuff out.

⋮ Vanilla Honey Latte ⋮

I’m just overwhelmed because there’s too much time but somehow not enough time and certainly not enough structure but I should be enjoying it even though I know it’s stressful for people with brains like mine and ahh

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