It’s important for me to take time to be thankful today…so I’m thinking about

◦ perfume that smells like comfort or home, avocado toast with egg and hot sauce (sprinkled with everything bagel seasoning), binge-watching exciting movies or tv series, selfies when I’m feeling myself, my eternal internal resilience, the smell of the ground after a storm, cookies and milk, oversized hoodies and leggings that make me feel safe, laughing loudly and uncontrollably so hard that it hurts your stomach (but as much as it hurts your stomach it feels happy that amount times ten in your chest), my parents’ unending support, enlightening podcasts, entertaining social media posts, punk rock music playing from mr car speakers so loud that I’m almost actually vibrating (or maybe that’s just excitement!), and the way road trips have so much potential to lead to adventure

Published by ittakesrain

|| It takes rain to make a rainbow!

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