So I’m taking a class on peer support and how to be an advocate for those who need it

It’s phenomenally interesting. There’s so much to learn about and read about and explore and discuss and ponder deeply. There’s also so much room for personal growth to happen throughout the training process.

I was reading about the history of psychiatry and mental health systems and to cut out a lot of wordiness, I found this one particular part that I can’t stop thinking about.

Back in the 1800s, in this one asylum in New York, a publication came about that turned out t be pretty revolutionary in that it was written and published by people who were patients there. It gave at least a little insight into life there, although it was definitely a little too cheerful and optimistic, since it was written by people who wanted to keep writing and not have that privilege taken away by the doctors and such there. If they wrote too…colorfully…and made the asylum look bad, they might have ad to do some other form of occupational therapy.

Anyway, I was reading about that and I came across a line that talked about a fear that was had in regards to the patients’ minds:

“The danger is that the imagination will lead astray into the mazes of insanity.”

It took me a minute to process that and incorporate it into what I already believe in my heart and head. Like, I’ve thought quite a bit about the subject of insanity (having had more than my fair share of bouts of it haha), and I mean, I guess I’d never thought of imagination having anything to do with it, but then why did this quote jump the fuck out at me?

I think it could have just been the writer in me. This line did come shortly after a paragraph where it talked about how they’d often prompt the patients with topics to write about, just to get them distracted and focused. And they mentioned acrostic poems (god, does anyone else remember those from like, elementary school?).

I’m gonna do my “this is my blog and I reserve the right to jump around and not make sense” thing. And just dump my acrostic down here. Because I was just super inspired, ya know?

Safe from an inner world of spiraling chaos

An expansive stillness that allows movement

Nearing the edges of confusion calmly

Integrating the good with lessons learned from the bad

Trusting the ongoing journey and exciting process

Yesterday mattered but so does tomorrow

Yeah, one of those poem things where it says something going down but it’s a poetic sorta thing going across. I think this might be one of those things I revisit every now and again. My definition of “sanity” might change over time. It might be nice to reflect on that every now and then.

We were talking in class about how the definition of recovery is super personal and individual and unique. Same idea. Kinda cool.

I’m excited to see where this class takes me. I’m super pumped to go do all the readings and learn as much as I can, and to continue learning (ain’t that what it’s all about?) for a super long time.

Now, to get to all that reading (while l’m still motivated and awake)

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