Lithium is some heavy shit

I haven’t had blood work since I was in the hospital over three months ago. And it came to my attention last week how, umm, concerning that actually is. I’m on lithium, and I can go on about how I fucking LOVE that shit because I feel SO much less CRAZY than I have for yearsssss…but I also know that it’s a hell of a drug. And it shouldn’t be played with. Now, I’ve been taking it exactly as prescribed. Have not missed a single dose. Take it at the same time every day except for the one time my boyfriend and I were in the city until late at night. My psychiatrist wound up increasing it two weeks ago. I had been super irritable, and if you read my last post, you know I was worried about it. I told my psychiatrist at out appointment that day that I wanted to keep an eye on it. Make sure I was getting sleep and sticking with my routine and doing the right things. She responded by saying we’d rase my lithium. Mind you, this is without getting my blood levels. I remember that in the hospital, over three months ago, my level was like .57 (and I told her that). So she was like why suffer, just take more lithium. And I mean, it worked like a charm, I feel fucking NORMAL, and I can write novels about how amazing that is, but I should first write how I broke out into a terrible rash three days later, that lasted almost a week. And then when the steroids and antihistamines cleared that up, I was unconscious for like three days and when I was awake I felt drunk as fuck. Now, might it be unrelated? Yes. Would I have preferred to have blood work done prior to all this bullshit happening? Uh, yeah. I went to urgent care for the third time today because my psychiatrist isn’t returning my calls still. And yeah. I’ll hopefully have some answers tomorrow. Now sure what to think, but whatever.

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