It’s okay if all you did today was breathe ♡

I guess I had a decent day. I had a good morning, anyway. I claimed this week’s unemployment, I got some stuff done for a magazine I help out with by reviewing article submissions. But I dunno. I didn’t make the bed. I didn’t write as much as I wanted to. I feel unfocused. It’s stressful. Because I’m thinking waayyy too much about this fricken adhd meds thing. I never really thought about it before because I assumed I’d always be able to get meds for it. I still don’t fully understand why I can’t continue to take them. I looked it up after my last appointment and couldn’t find anything about adults not being able to take Vyvanse. I downloaded the ADDitude magazine to my phone and iPad, but I still haven’t read much of it. I should. I wanna become more educated about all this. But anyway, my point is that when I can’t focus like this, it makes me sad. Like. I feel sad right now. I mean, it’s not the crippling depression I’m accustomed to (thank god), but like. I’m using energy trying not to be too frustrated or panicky. Because like. I do have things to do that require me to use my fucking brain. Ughhhhh

But it was a decent day anyway I sat outside and enjoyed the weather and soaked in the vitamin D and I video chatted with my family, saw my nephew (who can wave now!!)…like, overall? Not terrible.

I’m telling myself not to give up. It’s was a yucky day. But tomorrow is a new one. It might be a “cut myself some slack” type of thing. I think.

My hair is teal again! 😃

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|| It takes rain to make a rainbow!

2 thoughts on “It’s okay if all you did today was breathe ♡

  1. Love reading your blog! I lost my job (thanks covid) and I’ve been writing and nannying to get by. Blogging is making me happy 😊 which is good because when stay at home order hit, I slept a lot of the day and ate junk food. I take each day at a time and I started to keep a graditude journal. I haven’t been able to see my friends as much because I’m trying to stay safe so blogging and interacting this way is making it better.

    – B 😊🌿


    1. I love meeting people online! It’s so fun in general, because I tend to find people online who are like I am, I guess because we flock to the same corners of the web lol. But it’s especially important now with all the Covid chaos. Glad you’re getting by okay!!! 💙

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