Getting Creative with Coffee

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I’m bored.

Let me start out by saying I’m thankful that that’s the worst of my problems right now, because I know things are crazy in the world and I’m lucky to have a roof over my head, food in my kitchen, and internet and technology and good people and things around me.

But still, like…I’m fucking bored. And it’s impacting my mental health (even though again, I’m super thankful that I’m not in a bipolar depression during this thing.

Aaaaanyyway, I told myself that I was going to try to spice up my days in smalls ways, maybe starting with my coffee (maybe you read that post?). Simple enough, but I was hoping it would go a long way.

And okay, it hasn’t changed everything, but it’s helped, ya know?

My sister suggested this to me yesterday, and I tried it today…10/10 would recommend

I’ve been doing pretty good with making each coffee I have (which is about two a day…sometimes more ahh I’m addicted lol) different.

And now, drumroll please, I am going to share some nifty coffee recipes with the like, seven of my blog readers (all of whom I love dearly, btw!).

Note: none of these are completely mind-blowing, but they’re fun and let’s face it, I don’t have much else to look forward to.

Other note: I’m not being as “eating disorder-y” as I was a while back, but I’ve still got this like aversion to sugar. Not fat. Just sugar. Weird. I’m working on it. It makes these recipes a bit harder to be creative with, though, since I won’t use things like whipped cream or syrup or whatever. But the good thing is that my at-home cafe might give me more of a reason to cut the no-sugar nonsense.



Spicy Mocha

I used a chocolate coffee flavored k-cup, made the coffee strong, and added cocoa powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cayenne pepper. I always add stevia and half & half. Boom. Interesting start to my morning.

Mint Mocha

Used the French Press this time. Put mint leaves and cocoa powder in the press with the coffee and let it sit for a while longer than I usually do. Added stevia and half & half. It seemed more exciting before I typed it out haha.2901d53d-623f-4c58-beef-61a7b6737bc3

Vanilla Mocha

I used my French Press again for this. Added cocoa powder and vanilla extract in the press with the coffee grounds and waited the five minutes, poured it into one of my bitchin’ mugs, and enjoyed. I sprinkled cocoa powder on top to make it instagram-worthy.

Vanilla Coconut

I had coconut flavored k-cups so I threw that bad boy in the Keurig and brewed half a cup. Then I frothed half a cup of coconut milk with vanilla extract and cinnamon. Mixed those into the same mug with stevia and chugged it down because omg it was so good.

Blueberry Vanilla

Same thing but a blueberry k-cup.

Dalgona Coffee

We all know what this is by now. The whipped coffee trend, and I obviously had to partake in the trendiness. Whisked 2 tbsps instant coffee with 2 tbsps stevia and 2 tbsps hot water. Filled a mason jar (had to be clear and look cute for pics, obv) with ice and oat milk, actually (because that’s what I had) and with cold brew from the bottle that I’d bought. Caffeine OD? Yes please.

I also want to buy matcha powder and make a matcha latte version of this whipped drink. It would be such a pretty green and I could use coconut and yay I need to go buy some.

Protein Cold Brew

To be honest, I had a ton of those premier protein drinks, so I mixed the caramel one with cold brew and it tasted really frickin’ good. Get your fave protein drink and do that because it feels oddly satisfying to be vaguely healthy while still getting the elixir of life that is coffee into my body.

Dirty Chai

Okay so this one’s for tomorrow. I have chai teabags and I’m gonna add espresso to it. And stevia and whatever milk we have.

Turmeric Latte

I’ve made these without the coffee before, since turmeric is good as an anti-inflammatory. I’ve used coconut milk, turmeric, cinnamon, and ginger. But the interwebssss says it’s also good with actual coffee so we shall see.


I was itching to get all this into a post. Don’t really know why. Maybe I’m just proud that I’m doing something I said I was gonna do (however small and seemingly insignificant).

But coffee is amazing, so maybe someone will comment with more coffee recipes that I’m unaware of. I’d be super fuckin pumped about that ♡⇩

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