I’m finding plans/routines really helpful during this (I’m sure I’ve said that before)

1:45pm || It’s been a good day, I guess. I woke up early like normal, did my whole morning routine and made coffee and started my day. I’ve been utilizing technology as best as I can during this craziness. I mean, being isolated is certainly not my favorite thing, but keeping myself accountable is helpful. I use that Flora app for when I write, I meditate with the Calm app for a little while every day. I always use Daylio and eMoods to track my bipolar-type stuff, but I’ve been trying to use emotion words to describe my moods too (there’s a list in the Notes app on my phone). I downloaded Longwalks as a journal, which is fun, and this morning I downloaded one called Halohah (does anyone use either of those?). I went for a walk. I’m gonna go for another one soon because I wanna get a cup of coffee at like 711 or something, I’m just craving that type of coffee, it happens sometimes. I video called with my sister and the baby. Then with my mom. It’s nice to be able to see them even over long distances! I wrote the first page of an article due soon, and it made me happy and feel productive. I had both breakfast and lunch one right after the other lol, but I’m not freaking out about my weight or eating habits in general because fuck the fucking disordered thoughts telling me to care. I’m better than that. Not saying it’s bad to struggle with an ED, but I’ve been back and forth and back again, and I know which direction I have to choose. I am, however, going to do a YouTube workout, just because that actually improves my mood. Being at least a tiny bit active also helps me feel like I’ve accomplished something. Once I’m done writing my article I’m gonna read for a while, because I have sooooo much I wanna read: my BP magazine and Mindful magazine (both of which I subscribe to and have apps on my phone/iPad for), Celebrations magazine (the Disney one!), the Disney Food Blog Guide pdf my sister just bought for me, a few articles on research digest, and I wanna finally finish some of the books I started a while ago. I’m obviously not gonna finish all that reading in one day, but I have the time to read so I might as well use it (while simultaneously not pressuring myself to get too much done, because I feel like putting pressure on ourselves during this whole thing is counterproductive). And then I’m gonna journal and write for myself.

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3 thoughts on “I’m finding plans/routines really helpful during this (I’m sure I’ve said that before)

  1. I just downloaded the Haloah app, love it! I looked at Longwalks. It seems like it’s for two people so I passed. I tried various mood logs but none work since they don’t account for mixed features. I use a simple scrolling app and log what I do each day and my mood. It’s so simple and easy to o a quick look before my therapy, or our appointments. When I’m asked how my week went, I tend to forget so it’s handy. I also have a paper journal where I log how I managed each day. When I’m depressed I tend to forget how well I manage my life, this is proof. I can read through it and assure myself of that. Thank god for apps! 😉


    1. Right? It’s so fun! And yeah, Longwalks is apparently for people to connect more easily together, like a happier form of social media. I don’t have any friends on it haha but hey, any excuse for me to journal or get my thoughts out! If you download it, we could be friends!!! (not that we aren’t friends anyway!!! I love meeting people online!) But yeah, the mixed episodes are the hardest part. I feel that 100% but it sounds like you’ve found something that works for you, and that’s wonderful. And I love how you use it as a reminder of your competence and awesomeness. Thank god for apps indeed lmao, especially during the quarantine! I keep finding new ones that keep me somewhat entertained 🙂

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