Anyone else struggling with being productive? Anyone else find any cool ways to help get back on track?

At least it’s sunny!

It’s quarantine day 17 for me. And like everyone else, I’m going stir-crazy.  I’ve been watching the news, watching the number of sick people rise, watching the chaos and uncertainty spread everywhere, but there’s only so much of that a person can do. I miss seeing people. I’m so incredibly thankful for technology, and for the fact that I can FaceTime or Google Duo my friends and family (and play virtual games with them on other apps!), but I miss going out and seeing them in person. We’re all being responsible, doing the social distancing thing (though trying to remain emotionally close!). It’s tough, though! I also haven’t been working, which doesn’t bother me in itself but is stressful in terms of money. I’ve been writing articles here and there for some extra cash, and it was going great in the beginning with all the new free time. But now I feel like my brain has melted. It’s been hard to focus.

Still, I have found a few things that seem to help. Like, I know everyone seems to be talking about this, and I hate to even mention it because it seems so cliche at this point. But if I get up and stick to some sort of a “normal” routine most mornings, I notice I feel a lot better. And if I get changed into clothes that are comfortable but that aren’t pajamas haha. Oh, and making the bed helps too, if only because it sends the signal to my brain that I’ve at least done one successful thing!

Also, I know this was one of my depression tips a while back, but moving to various places around the apartment makes me feel better too. I don’t wanna spend the whole day at my desk trying to get writing done because it sucks the fun out of writing when I’m just looking at the damn screen and coming up with nothing. If I move to the kitchen table, sit on my bed, or even the floor, I tend to have more clarity of mind for some reason.

Another totally overused tip is to exercise or move in some way, but I don’t think I need to get too into that one.

Then there’s this amazing app I found: Flora.

It’s so fricken cool, like, I don’t even know why it’s so cool haha, it just kind of is.

Basically, it’s a productivity app that challenges you to focus for 25 minutes at least at a time. And while you’re focusing, you grow a tree. If you touch your phone before the time is up, you kill the tree (which you obviously don’t want to do!), so it’s a great motivator.


Other cool features:

  • You can grow a tree together/work as a team
  • You can tag your sessions with one of six categories you create
  • You get graphs and charts and it keeps a calendar for you
  • You can receive daily summaries about how you’ve been doing
  • It shows your adorable little garden growing with each session

Here’s their website, but I found them on the iTunes store and downloaded the app to my phone. I would definitely go give it a try if you’re struggling. Or if you just want to feel suuperr accomplished and proud of yourself. One of my tags is just “other,” and I set the timer and go do random things around the house or anything that needs to be done, and by the end of that time spent being productive, I’ve grown another tree. And the app is free, so like, why wouldn’t you download it haha.


And while I’m talking about things I’m excited about and that motivate me and that make reaching goals really easy and fun, I downloaded the Hero’s Journal. I’ve been following the creators on Instagram for a while, I think since they were just a Kickstarter, and they’re giving away a PDF of their “Quarantine Quest” (for free) and I looked through it yesterday and loved it so much that I immediately downloaded the full journal. It turns your life into an epic story and the journey to reaching your goals an adventurous quest. 10/10 would recommend, so fricken awesome.

I think it’s so important to do what you can with what you have, ya know? And turning mundane things into exciting things is just a great way to do that.

Totally reminds me of Mary Poppins singing “just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down” while making toy cleanup fun. But aaaanywayyyy, I’m gonna go get to work!

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