I keep joking around with my boyfriend that if this was happening a month and a half ago one of us wouldn’t have survived. If we’d been quarantined in the middle of my massive depressive episode and I’d been utterly insane? No way. Lol I’ll take this moment to once again be thankful for my newfound sanity, but even still, I’m trying if to keep busy. Boredom has always been a trigger for me and even though I’m worlds better now I still don’t wanna push my luck haha. I spent most of the last week working on articles for one site I write for, so that was productive. But now I’m sitting here like “what else can I do?!” I can work on a few personal essays and other random blogposts. Or I can work on the jokey little kids book I’m writing for my nephew. But I’m hitting the pause button on the extreme writing, I think. I’ve been video calling lots of people. Technology is amazing like that. I can see my sister and bro in law and the baby. And my parents. And we all did a giant group FaceTime last night for like an hour with my cousins and rest of the family. So that was fun. But this social distancing/ quarantine thing is hard. I keep tellingggg myself there’s so much else to do! I have books to read and crafts to do. I have tons of coloring books and a fuckkkkton of markers and colored pencils and crayons. I have like five sudoku puzzle books from when I was at the psych hospital haha. I wanna crochet some hats or even a scarf. And I keep contemplating looking for workouts on YouTube lol but we’ll see about that. But yeah, this sucks but we’ll all survive. More than anything else I’m just thinking about boredom and how it relates to finding my purpose and my identity (which seems unrelated but I’m writing this whole thing about the connection and this coronavirus situation works with what I’m thinking about). Hope everyone is doing okay! Hang in there!!

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|| It takes rain to make a rainbow!

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