i suck at poetry, but sometimes trying to be artsy about this nonsense is the best way to go


“how do you catch a cloud and pin it down”
what a stupid fucking question, a metaphor that doesn’t beg an answer
because why would you want to capture nothingness and keep it locked in place?
it asks how you can do something impossible, & to that we can either answer “you can’t”
or, if you want to be inspirational, with “be creative, find another way to look at the
problem, capture the essence of the cloud instead of the actual thing,”
the whole sentence is utter bullshit.
but that damned cloud, the damned vagueness of its meaning, the impossible task I am
faced with in figuring it out, it plagues me.
it’s elusiveness is wild in its ability to defeat me.
how do I latch onto one strong thought, a single, powerful distraction,
(the epitome of “nothingness” if I’ve ever heard one)
and keep it held within my grasp
so as to not feel surrounded by such tumultuous chaos?
drowned in the anguish of searching for the safety of certainty and never getting it?
metaphorical answers aren’t required, I know, but­­­­­­ I want them & cannot grasp them.
trite descriptions of moods and energy changes and bleak, dull reality
have been used too often, have overstayed their welcome.
in this fleeting, fly-by of emotional torture, in this not knowing how to catch a cloud
and pin it the fuck down,
I am giving up.

Published by ittakesrain

|| It takes rain to make a rainbow!

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