Christmas is coming! Do you feel more excited or does the stress feel like too much to handle?


Like so many other people, Christmas is my favorite holiday. It’s always been. Nothing compares to it. As a kid, I loved putting up the tree and watching my parents transform our house into what felt like the embodiment of the warm, festive celebration. Sometimes after my bedtime, my dad would come up and let me peek out my door and see the tree still lit up and magical-looking. And Christmas morning was always incredible. My sister and I were usually sleeping in the same room since my grandparents would stay in my room with the double beds. So we’d wake up and talk about what we think we’d be getting. The excitement was palpable. I was lucky enough to get lots of toys and presents (my mom always works so hard to give that to us), and opening them, tearing the wrapping paper (and throwing it to my dad with the trash bag), and seeing what was inside, ahhh, it was the best.

In my later years, Christmas meant even more to me. I loved the cheer in the air, so to speak. I knew that people tended to be a little, uh, crazy around the holidays, but with the music and the overall atmosphere, it made me happy. I’d bake with my mom, watch Christmas movies after my homework. There were lots of music concerts, and my chamber orchestra played at a lot of random things which was stressful. But it felt amazing.

As an adult, it’s definitely more stressful. Buying gifts alone can be difficult. Money is always a factor, unfortunately. And getting ideas for what to get for people is sometimes just as difficult. I want so much to give everyone around me what they deserve, and I really put a lot of effort into it all. So I’ve gotta get to the stores, order stuff online and keep track of what’s arriving when, I’ve gotta wrap it all, I bake on my own and with my mom now. My boyfriend and I put up our own tree and helped my parents put up the one at their house. We also put the lights up on the house.

That doesn’t sound like too much, but with everything else going on (working, visiting with friends and family, keeping up with the housework, etc) it is a lot. I don’t know why I’m justifying that, it’s pretty much a known fact.

Oh, and I forgot that Christmas Eve and Day are both gonna require lots of running around, between my family and both sides of my boyfriend’s family. It’ll be fun as hell, but exhausting at the same time.

I’m still enjoying this crazy, hectic, happy, wonderful time of year. We’ve watched Christmas movies. I’ve worn all my Christmas sweaters, leggings, dresses, headbands, and the like (someone said I looked like an elf the other day and it made me so happy haha). I play Christmas music when I’m getting ready in the morning, and when I drive, I’m listening to my playlist of punk rock Christmas songs (of which there are waaaay more than you’d think, which is fucking awesome!).

So I guess I’m somewhere in the middle of excited and stressed.

I think that’s how it should be, though. As long as I’m keeping the big picture in mind, I think I’m doing okay 🙂

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