It’s apparently world mental health day, and I wanted to post something emotional and deep, but I figured it’d be ironic for someone as batshit crazy as me to preach about how to be mentally healthy haha. So have a funny meme instead. Quick aside, though, in regards to that deep emotional shit… You can totally be crazy (a word I use to lovingly describe myself but don’t use to describe anyone else) and take care of your mental health. I’m not just talking all the trendy face mask bubble bath candle lit self-care stuff (which is valid but not for everyone). I’m talking reach out for support, take a goddamn break from the productivity-driven dramatic-ness of the world, remember you’re never ever alone. I’m talking take your fucking meds if you have em (oh wow, I think I’m just talking to myself right now). At first I thought it was contradictory for someone with a whole fun-filled plethora of mental illnesses to also identify with the mental health thing. But that’s obviously bullshit haha and just because I lose my mind every now and then doesn’t mean I can’t be healthyyyyy. I chose to say just “healthy” bc mental health is health. Not something separate. Okay now I’m getting obnoxious with this post. Happy mental healthiness, people.img_4679

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