Corner of Good: Fall Edition

As much as I loveeee summer and the bright colors, the enveloping heat, and the late nights and early mornings that accompany it…I so appreciate when the season starts to merge into fall.  When the colors turn their warm shades of orange and red, when the weather gets cooler and there’s a crispness to the air, and when shorter days start to invite hot cups of morning coffee, cozy nights inside, and the scent of my favorite candle burning on my desk.  When stores stock their shelves with the ever-cliched flavor of pumpkin in EVERYTHING, when I can wear cute jeans, fuzzy boots, chunky scarves, and my leather jacket.  Basically, I love and appreciate this time when change is at its best.  

Now, as if all that isn’t enough to fill you with goodness, I have a few more things about fall that will hopefully fill your heart with happiness 🙂

1. Change can be scary, but I don’t think anyone actually fears autumn.  It’s definitely change.  Kind of a big one.  Everything is moving on, and as much as life is continuing, it’s also starting to wind down in some ways (leaves falling, more hours of darkness).  But it’s just amazing to me how that all pretty much gets swept under the rug.  How people usually view this time as another New Year.  It isn’t the start of a new orbit around the sun (although January 1 is kind of just an arbitrary think, right?).  But it’s new.  And it invites opportunity.  It’s stimulating and invigorating and there’s a buzz in the air that revitalizes our energy, somehow.  So yeah.  Amazing.

2. Pies are a thing.  That’s something to marvel at right there, the fact that people think of these awesome recipes and share them with other people and we all enjoy the deliciousness of them.  But pie is somehow symbolic for me.  I remember this one time when I was in high school (which, if you know me or even have scrolled a ways back on this blog of time, you’ll know was a pretty fuckin’ shitty time for me) I literally woke up on Saturday morning to the smell of my mom making apple pie.  And it gave me such hope.  It made me happy.  And even though I’m fairly certain I didn’t eat any of it (thanks, anorexia), I think the fact that pies are a thing should be included in this corner of good.

3. Halloween, in general, is pretty amazing if you think about it.  Not only do we get to dress up, delve into another character (perhaps one that’s meaningful, maybe one that’s just fun), and enjoy the company of friends at parties or whatever other gatherings…but like, the whole thing where strangers give candy to kids?  Pretty cool.  And I’m not just talking “cool, free candy.”  I’m thinking about how people buy candy, lots of it, and give it away for free to children just for the purpose of making them happy.  I know it lights me up inside when a little kid comes to my door yelling “trick-or-treat!” in an adorable little costume.  It lights me up to see them light up.  And even if it’s a bigger kid.  Don’t you remember walking around the neighborhood in your early teens with your friends, feeling excited and happy?  It’s awesome that they can still take part in the tradition.  So let’s all take a moment to think about and value that.

4. By the time November rolls around, we start to think about what we’re thankful for.  It’s like, a time where we’re specifically invited to do that.  We might not always accept the invitation, but that fact that the reminder is marked on our calendars?  That’s great!  Gratitude is such a huge part of living a happy life.  We have to be grateful for what we have because that means we’re looking at the good shit.  And even if things aren’t going well (or if things are going terribly, even), trying to find the good, actively seeking out the positive, really does help.  I can go on about this topic more, but seriously.  A quick google search for “practicing gratitude” and you’ll find countless articles detailing why it’s so great.

5. Some of us are now hyper-aware that the winter holidays are approaching.  And if you’re like me, that makes you happy too.  I’ve learned not to rush it, though, because enjoying this time, right now, is important.  Mindfulness is always a good thing.  But more than that, right now holds the excitement with a far less intense amount of stress.  Not that holiday stress isn’t worth it (and not that it even has to be necessary).  It’s just that I feel like fall is particularly relaxed.  Summer tends to hold so much energy, which is a good thing, but by the time September hits, we’ve all earned a break.  Okay, for the younger ones it means back-to-school, and that’s certainly no break, but at least the fact that it’s a new year with new chances is kinda nice.


In conclusion, yay for fall!

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