One hour to getting my shit together (a quick reset)

Sooooo I’m feeling kind of off and pretty overwhelmed. I still have sleep to catch up on (thanks to bipolar-related insomnia and being super busy the last few days) and my boyfriend and I are definitely fighting colds or something. I’m home now, and I wanna reset my brainnnnn so I can focusssss and feel betterrr. And a big part of that is getting my surroundings in order. And then relaxing once it all feels less cluttered.

Ignore what is kind of a random list of nonsense that needs to get done, but I’m really feeling like checking it all off is gonna help me.

Because like, apparently clutter is linked to higher levels or cortisol (steroid hormone that’s a part of the body’s stress response), especially in women. Not to mention that on a personal level, I need what’s around me to be as NOT messy as possible because what’s inside me is messy enough. And honestly, I LIKE things clean.

I’ve been feeling a THING coming on, an impending MOOD EPISODE, and I’m in that phase where I’m kiiiind of just wishing it comes now and does it’s terrible, torturous thing, and then leaves and then it’s done and over with. But I’m also attempting to summon the strength and willpower to keep it at bay for as long as I possibly can.

My point is that I’m gonna do the following things and then hope I feel less overwhelmed afterwards.


  1. Light a candle, spray some lavender, throw open a window, and tell myself I’m about to kick the shit out of the next 60 minutes.
  2. Put on ska Pandora radio and turn up the volume.
  3. Put the clean dishes away and the dirty dishes in the dishwasher.
  4. Fold laundry that’s been in the dryer for almost a week and put it in the drawers. Then throw in another load.
  5. Sweep the floors.
  6. Time to STOP and get on the floor and stretch the tension out of my body,
  7. Take all the supplements I’m supposed to take, aaaand vitamin C since I feel a cold coming on.
  8. Drink as much water as I possibly can.
  9. Wash my face because I’ll most likely be hot and need to cool down.
  10. Take a book or notebook outside and sit in the fresh air reading or writing.
  11. Make a to-do list. Get the things knocking around in my head out onto paper so I can stop worrying about them.


And from thereon out I’ll be able to do as this picture I took today says, and focus on one thing at a time…


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