Normal: a conundrum

Right now, you see normal as the space in between. The beautiful space wedged between its very opposites, a space lit by its own bright-as-the-sun shine. You sometimes have to divide time into fractions over and over again to be able to label a given interval as normal, to find a period not marked with crazy or semi-crazy or “on the verge of crazy,” but it is possible. The intervals are there, you just have to work a little harder at looking for them.

Finding such spaces also requires you to define “normal,” the ambiguous concept that many people claim, loud and proud, doesn’t even exist. You believe it exists, although not in the conventional meaning. It’s a concept, and those are intangible anyway. And really, you can ascribe whatever meaning you want to the word “normal.”

The term is usually understood to mean “what is expected” or “conforms to the standard.” As in, if you do what everyone else does and don’t stray from the already beaten-down path, you’re normal. Well, that’s the definition of normal that normal people use (is that irony, or just a weird sentence?).

Extrapolating from the aforementioned meaning, it makes sense that large groups of people don’t particularly care for the word. People who don’t do what is expected, people who don’t conform, they shout from the rooftops that “normal doesn’t exist” because they realize that what is expected of them varies from person to person and that the standards all are arbitrary anyway. Not to mention that those people very well may be the “unique” ones, or the rebels, or those who genuinely cannot do or be what “normal” requires.

So yes, you fully understand how the word is, for lack of a better term, just fucking bullshit.

But what word-police is going to arrest you if you think of the word how you want to think of it? Which word-god is commanding that you need to understand it in ways that are already set in stone? Definitions are one thing but interpretations are another. Isn’t that simply the way of it?

Sometimes, normal is a promise hovering up ahead in the distance of near-calm and quiet, easy happiness. It is the pressure-free pace at which life can move coinciding with a lack of situational chaos. It is euthymia in the foreground and the roller coaster of your moods and emotions in the background, and isn’t the perspective great?

There is a control group in this comparative experiment which includes people without the variable of potential insanity, and it would seem they feel this way all the time. Normal, always, forever and ever. They don’t even realize it, though, because they define the word in their own ways, too. Imagine that: never knowing even know you were normal simply because you have nothing next to it for frame of reference.

It’s different for you, for whom normal is a baseline rarely ever attained. Baseline, that is what they’ve called it, but the underlying meaning of normal reaches further. Because although it can be considered the middle ground between your two dramatic bookends of thoughts and behaviors, it can also be considered just…how things are for you. Normal is the highs and lows. It is the roundabout ways you arrive at naming your emotions and figuring out how you actually feel. It is chaos pointing inward, and insanity visible on the outside. It is what it is, and that’s how you define normal. Yes you’re one of the unique ones, a rebel even though had no choice in becoming one, and most times you simply cannot do what is typically required of you. But for you, THAT is normal.

Craziness runs through all of us, or so you’ve been told, and there’s definitely some truth to that. It follows to say that normal does too; however you label it, no matter how you look at it, normal lands at all of our feet at some point or another. You can incorporate the word into your life now, or when it happens to fall at your feet, or even when it scurries off again. There are no rules; understand that there’s enough wiggle-room in life to call yourself normal right now.

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